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hCG at 250iu EOD, or 250iu Twice a Week Poll

It seems pretty evenly split here with people doing hCG at 250iu EOD and guys going it only just twice a week. I thought I’d take a poll to see how many do which way, and your thoughts and results?

I think this is an individual thing in the same way some guys need less frequent injections of T-cyp and other guys need more frequent injections, it depends on how fast you system goes through HCG. Try three times a week and see how you feel, if you feel uneven try injecting EOD and watch that E2.

I take around 175iu EOD.

I’ve been personally doing 200iu EOD (down from 250iu EOD), because I had elevated E2 in my last labs. However, I don’t feel that it’s doing much. So I’ve been playing with the idea that I need at least 250iu to cause an effect, yet wondering if it really needs to be EOD.

Here’s my thinking…your body makes hormone signalers in peaks and valleys. It’s not a steady smooth stream. That also keeps your testes on their toes (so to speak). So seeing that people were happy at twice a week got me to wondering if that was why. Because it’s a significantly smaller dose than EOD, yet people are happy with it.

It boils down to half-life effects.

A clinical study was done with 250iu subq EOD based on half-life considerations and 250iu was close to a natural LH replacement dose.

The choice is also a life-style VS effectiveness trade off.

As usual, @KSman is correct.

I just finished up experimenting with lower doses (175 to 200iu) EOD, and 250iu only twice a week, and none of them were satisfactory. In fact it invited problems. When I went back to 250iu EOD, everything came back online and smoothed out.