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HCG as Test Base for S23?

Not sure if anyone’s super familiar with sarms (especially S23) but It’s basically super concentrated S4 which is much more popular.

So this is for a friend of mine aswell as my own curiousity, S23 brings down LH production by 50% after 14 days as read in an article

“So, if you are introducing S23 into your system, which is the most suppressive SARM there currently is, you can certainly expect your LH to drop significantly, and in turn lower your natural testosterone levels significantly for the duration of your cycle (until you PCT of course).

In the study done on S23, after only 14 days there was a greater than 50% drop in LH levels.”

My friend doesn’t have the money to buy an actual test base and has never injected before so is not planning to run a real test base but wants to take this extremely powerful sarm.

I was wondering if running hcg during his low dose cycle (will start with 5mg s23 but wants to increase throughout depending on how he feels) I think it should keep estro levels at least higher and more healthy but more so if it would be worth it to run to mitigate the side effects of test suppression, I’ll need 2000iu of hcg for myself so I’ll have 3000iu for him and was wondering if it would be enough or at least help.

this is more of a thought experiment than anything I guess but I’m interested in some input from more knowledgeable and experienced users to see how you think this would work out.

I haven’t done much research on S23 not HCG so excuse me if this makes absolutely no sense lol

Then your friend is too poor to run anything, S23 or otherwise. Test is like the cheapest thing there is and if you can’t afford the $45 then you can’t afford the food you’ll need to eat to make any gains. My advice to your “friend” is to rethink literally every aspect of their life.

Do you have any info on S23? I actually do have a friend who likes S23 (and has plenty of money for food lol) but doesn’t know a whole lot about it… just the bro science type stuff. I’ve read everything I could find online (not much). Basically all I could find is people upset that it’s classified as a SARM due to the shutdown of natural t.

All SARMs cause suppression, so S23 isn’t different in that regard.

S23 was discovered by the same company that has been running trials with ostarine, aka Enobosarm, for the last few years. (I’m a biotech investor so I follow this stuff closely). I can tell you that S23 isn’t even in preclinical trials for anything in the near future. So that tells you how confident they are in it.

I have no idea if it works, though that doesn’t actually matter. If you want something that works there are plenty of options. The only reason anyone buys these things is because they’re grey market and seemingly easier to obtain than the real deal.

It’s beyond convincing, he’s not mentally prepared for a real cycle I guess and won’t give in to the idea even if it’s easier, might be something to do with keeping the “natty” card even though I wouldn’t qualify sarms as a natural supplement

I’ve just seen trials testing body mass and fat loss pretty much, but estro shut down isn’t a very know problem but a very serious one when your not taking anything that aromatizes

Do you think hcg would help with this though?? Because if he doesn’t use it then half of it will pretty much just go in the garbage

Check out ‘noplatesnodates’ article on S23, it’s by far the strongest SARM out there to the point where many people aren’t even calling it a SARM. I’m using it with my test cycle and overall my body is reacting well to, a lot of people compare it to winstrol. But DO NOT take it with HCG and definitely don’t take it on it’s own, it will cause full HPTA shut down. Tell your friend to pick a safer alternative or save up for TEST.

Binds to the AR selectively, doesn’t have a steroidal backbone

Tis a nonsteroidal selective androgen receptor modulator

True. What I meant was many people hardly call it a SARM because it is effective and does have greater side effects as compared the other other popular SARMs. But it is non steroidal in structure unlike YK11 if I recall correctly.

To the OP. Stop putting wierd shit in your body. I understand as someone who usues aas i am somehwhat ultimately harming my self wether its my liver thru orals or shutting down thru test etc.

Why make it worse with research garbage. Stick to stuff that you know what the risk/reward is rather than playing lab rat for gains and what could be horrible health issues

I’m not taking it and am just curious if hcg would help reduce the side effects. I have my planned cycle posted already which does have lgd 4033 but it has much much much more research done than s23. I understand where you’re coming from and I agree but my friend is not planning to take test and yes I’ve already tried to convince him but he almost enjoys playing lab rat

It is unlikely that it will work to reduce any side effects. If that’s the main question then that is the answer.

Yup, couldn’t really find a yes or no answer anywhere else so thank you