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HCG as Part of TRT



I have been going through as many topics and postings on here as possible and have either not found or missed finding it as of yet a paper on the efficacy of using HCG as part of TRT? Can someone direct me to a link to a paper that I could share with my doctor regarding the use of HCG as part of the protocol? He is willing to do the testosterone and AI currently. He has been very open to my suggestions and this I think would help him give prescription for it. Right now I am getting HCG on my own.



Also, what volume injection do you recommend for the HcG when using insulin needle 29 gauge 1 ml total, or what dilution is favorable?



I don't have a link to the paper, I believe it's in the stickies somewhere.

I reconstitute at 1000iu/1ml. That way 250 units is .25cc, or an indicated 25 units on an insulin syringe. Nice and simple.


HGG in many cases is not needed. Adding just enough to stimulate the LH receptors at low dosages is all that may be needed in several cases. One needs to look at the benefit to risk ratio of HCG to e2. IS it really worth the trade off? For me its not. Better mood, stable e2 level, morning wood, and can cum on command all with out HCG and AI. Every case is individual.
If your Dr correctly administers HRT properly then an AI is not likely needed. Running a person on HRT with AI before the initial blood draw is improper procedure.



I agree with you. I did not start the ai until blood work showed my e2 go high. Regarding hcg, I have been on it for just a week. My primary symptoms have been a long standing ache in the gonads. Does anyone know how long I should anticipate before this symptom abates?


Nails, now you have me interested...I'd love to come off arimidex if I could. I am on 200mg/wk of Cypionate, which I self-inject twice weekly. My T was 832 right before a shot. My E2 was 42 on this protocol, obviously too high.

I'm also on HCG, I started getting near-constant testicular aches about 3 weeks into therapy and some noticeable atrophy as well. HCG has completely reversed both.

What could I try changing to keep E2 in check without anastrozole?

How can I come off HCG while avoiding atrophy? I am also concerned for future fertility. I know in most cases it comes back on its own, but I like the idea of keeping the boys working just for GP...