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Hcg Articles

I am on my way to the doc and want to start hcg along with my test, which he has refused so far. I would like my balls back. Does anyone have reference to hcg articles I could bring to him showing it won’t hurt me?


For a general search of medical literature:


You can also use Google Scholar:


On the web in general, most hits would not be suitable – you would have something of a needle-in-a-haystack situation – so I’d suggest searching for:

Shippen HCG

and see if there’s anything written by him instead of just talking about him or quoting him.

The dosing protocol Shippen prescribes is essentially the same as I’ve long advocated: I would suggest asking for that rather than asking for the all-too-common and quite wrong approach of injections such as 5000 IU per time, regardless of how “medically standard” such a dose is.

If your doctor is thinking in those terms, he’s right to not want to do it. He probably is unenlightened as to correct dosing.

…here’s a good one to cite

[quote]hebsie wrote:
…here’s a good one to cite


There is a link there to this:

Print for your doc and read it your self. This is the gold standard for research based dosing.