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hcg,androgel and androsol combination

I currently have a prescription for hcg as well as androgel to treat my low testosterone levels. I don’t like the highs and lows of using only hcg with two high doses per week, or the bloating. Using just the androgel packets at 5mg./day doesn’t seem to get me higher than the low to mid-normal testosterone level. I have also tried using androsol concurrently with only one of the others, to some benefit. What would be the best combination of using hcg, androgel(5mg per day), and possibly androsol for maximum t-levels?For a two week/four week cycle or long term maintenance at the high normal range? I’d like to put on 5-10 lbs.and feel good again! I think that there are a lot of people out there like me, that would like to use their modest dose prescriptions from a doctor in combination with products like androsol,nandrosol, and tribex to get better results without the higher chance of side effects like gyno or hair loss.We also don’t want to risk getting black market drugs because we’re not interested in t-levels four times normal. Bottom line-how can we use our legally prescribed medications in combination with legal “natural” supplements for best training and longterm health results. Thanks for any help you can give me.By the way,thanks for all the great,free information and advice you guys give, and of course all your superb products, some of which I’m always taking. I’ve checked out all the other sites and I don’t believe they have science or truth behind most of what they say. You guys have so many guest experts whose credentials are outside of T-mag, that it gives any discerning reader confidence that they’re not getting a bunch of BS. Keep it up!

I introduced (so far as I know) several years back to bodybuilding
the method of using HCG in daily doses of 500 IU, in contrast to the infrequent megadose method that you are finding unsatisfactory.
I’d strongly recommending switching to that
method. Another nice feature of it is, if
you are using a dilution of 5000 IU into
1 mL, a 500 IU dose is only 1/10 mL (or
10 “IU” on an insulin syringe) and so the
dose can be given subcutaneously.

As for using Androsol while using Androgel,
the recommendations would be the same as
for using it without Androgel, since
relatively speaking, the Androgel will
make little difference in T levels (Androsol
will already have you at high normal T.)