Hcg and Traveling

what a pain in the butt, when you travel while using hcg, i guess ya got to carry a lunch box at all times, how cold would hcg have to be kept? what if it got a little on the warm side? i see lots of problems with hcg and traveling, too bad theres not some other way to admister this drug

I have the same issues. I use a small cooler bag with some blue ice kits and a couple of prefilled syringes and then use the hotel mini fridge. Luckily I have not had to be gone for more then 5 days so far, and so far no issues going through security.

Go to a good drug store and buy a diabetic travel kit. It’s cheap, perfect and has a ice pack in it to keep things cold. Use hotel freezers to re-freeze ice pack when you arrive. I travel on biz somewhat frequently and this works perfectly!

at what temp does the hcg have to stay at

hmmm, not sure. the pamphlet insert probably says. I just try and keep it cold.