HCG and Traveling (2 Weeks)

I was just looking at my to-do’s before heading out of the country for the next two weeks and completely forgot about the need to keep HCG cold. I’m going on a world tour of sorts with 8 flights over the next two weeks in Asia and Australia. I’ll be backpacking and taking quite a few flights so dealing with ice and refrigeration is not ideal. Any recommendations on what I can do here?

My usual routine is:
1mL of T Cyp on T
HCG Su and W
1/2 tab Ane weekly

It sounds like refrigeration may not even be possible. If this is the case – I would just pin a little bit extra testosterone and do without hcg for the two weeks. Others may hopefully post on some alternative ways to keep the hCG cool

While not ideal, many people only pin every two or three weeks. You could pin extra and dose HCG before leaving. I wouldn’t travel with it either but that’s me personally. You have to make your own choice.