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HCG and the Family Jewels

After 4 years of TRT, I got a new, much more educated and progressive doc, and he is putting me on HCG. Previously, it was only T and AIs, with mixed results.

Can I expect my balls to “spring back to life” after this many years? I once read that after being shut down for a while, the testes can degenerate to the point of becoming “masses of undifferentiated cells,” or something to that effect. But I’m not sure if that idea has any science to back it up.

Does anyone have info?

They could. It’s hard to say, how old are you?

It also depends on if you were primary hypogonadism (balls not working) or secondary hypogonadism (pituitary not telling your testicles to make T). If you are primary, HCG will fail.

Post your labs.

What you have read is true.

You can only try and see. Suggest 250iu hCG SC EOD. Will take some time, you are not just supplying a signal to make T, you are needed the testes to make a big physical recovery. You may also experience an improvement in mood quite quickly from hCG.

High dose hCG is expensive and not needed.

Please describe all of your protocol.
Post labs with ranges.
prolactin if <35
fasting cholesterol
fasting glucose

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