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hcg and test.prop

Can HCG and test.propionate be mixed in a single injection?

I don’t know. I can’t be sure that additives
in the oil preparation, e.g. benzyl alcohol,
which would then transfer largely to the
water phase with the HCG, might not denature
the HCG, so I would inject the HCG separately.

By the way, personally I don’t think it’s
necessary to dilute HCG anywhere near as
much as some preparations have you to do.
Profasi is 5000 IU per mL or even 10,000
(though when I have the 10,000 I actually
prepare it as 5000 IU per mL) and this is
more convenient… injecting 500 IU by
injecting 0.10 mL beats injecting 1.0 mL
because you can do it sub-Q instead of
intramuscularly, or if you do the 1.0 mL
injection sub-Q, well, 0.10 mL is a lot
more pleasant.

By the way, where sub-Q fat is low, I
have an idiosyncratic (well, maybe other
people also do it) means of sub-Q injection…
I just go straight down but put the insulin
needle in only halfway or a little less.
Has worked great.

Thanx for responding Bill. I will now total 120+ injections on the upcoming cycle, that is,
if I can´t get hold of some pgf-2 - if I do,
that´s another 90 (5*18 days) hits…
boo-boo :frowning:

Luckily the sub-Q injection of aqueous drugs
is convenient and non-bothersome using the method I described (which I admit might actually be shallow IM
not true sub-Q, but that doesn’t matter
although it could with insulin in the case
of a diabetic depending on a particular
duration of action).