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HCG and Test E: Where and How Much?

guys, i’ve been on 150mg test e/wk shot im for the past 8 wks and am now incorporating the hcg and arimidex. i want to try and keep blood levels more stable which is why im switching to sub q for the test. i plan to shoot 80mg test e and 250i.u. hcg e4d and take .5mg arimidex e5d since estrogen hasn’t been too much of an issue thus far into my trt.
my question is i’ve never gone sub q before and don’t want to shoot too much or in the wrong spot, so where do you guys recommend shooting and is .4ml too much to shoot at a time of test e? i just don’t want any adverse reaction.


Have you read the other posts on SC/SQ injections?

You cannot take Arimidex E5D as the half life will drive E2 low then allow it to get too high; which might not feel right. The the lab results are a function of lab timing and are not useful for dose refinement. Have you read the stickies? E2 levels can affect mood, energy and libido.

hCG also does not have a half life that supports what you are suggesting. It is best dosed EOD.

You are not going to have adverse reactions, certainly not optimal.

With 140 mg test e I would expect that you will need 1.5mg Arimidex per week if you are a normal anstrozole responder. You need to understand the implications of being an anastrozole over-responder. You should try to take your Arimidex EOD. This can lead to problems when dosing pieces of pills.

Do you have lab results for TT, FT and E2?

yes, i’ve read through them and done quite a bit of research. my situation has me using arimidex caps that are .5mg/capsule and i know in the past from using ai’s that i am pretty sensitive to them, so taking .5mg more frquently than that may get me too low…after 6 weeks on 150mg/wk my ft was 197, tt 924, and e2 42. the draw was one week after i shot and haven’t noticed too many issues related to estrogen thus far, just mainly the testicular atrophy.

I was just thinking for convenience purposes to shoot the test and hcg the same day. i guess another option i was considering was shoting on mon and thurs for the test and if possible the hcg those days as well. what do you think?


Do T+hCG at the same time, makes life easier.

I didn’t think you would want to mix an oil base Med with a water base. Wouldn’t you also risk the ppossibility of more e2 spikes by doing them on the same day.

At the same time, not the same syringe! hCG, unlike LH, has a long half life, so it is not as peaky as you imagine. There is also merit to have every other day where you are not injecting something. T–>E2 follows T levels. T from EOD injections is very steady.