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HCG and Nolva to Recover?

Using HCG and Nolva to recover from low calorie diet?


23 years old
5’9 180

About a year ago I came off a diet that was about a Year long where i went from 225 to 175. I was uneducated on proper nutrition at the time and eating high protein, very low fat(less than 25 grams per day)and too few carbs in an effort to cut bodyfat. I estimate my calories were around 1,600 for the time period. It did work, but I now feel like crap. My diet ended about 6 months ago. I had my Testosterone levels tested because i felt the symptoms of low T (loss of libido, tiredness, depression) and my level came back at 271. I had it retested about 1 month ago and it had come up to 515, but I still feel like I have low T.

Would it be possible to use HCG and Nolva to get my test levels back up to where they were before I went on this diet? I do not know my exact number before the diet, but I felt great, just overweight.

Wold it be better to let my test levels recover naturally? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

how long have you been off your steroids>

I never took steroids. Being on a low fat low calorie diet for over a year has supressed my natural test levels. My question is will HCG and Nolva speed my testosterone recovery from my stupid diet.

Try the Anabolic Diet.

I already have the HCG, which in near expiration, and Nolva, so i will not be out of any more money. Would it hurt to just try this to get back to feeling normal?

You say your T levels came back at 515 a month ago. I could be wrong, but last I checked, that was perfectly within the normal range, perhaps only slightly on the lower end of the average reading. There’s a possibility it’s gone up since then and your feelings of low T may only be psychosomatic due to your body’s loss of muscle mass during harsh dieting for so long.

I’m certainly no expert, but I’d suggest you get your levels checked again and then, based on the reading, reconsider your current diet. There’s an endless possibility of reasons why you feel down, but your T levels are perfectly normal.

Why do you want to use the HCG? are your nuts shrunken or your body not producing LH? If not, don’t fuck with it. Use the Nolvadex if you wish, just watch your sugar/fat consumsion as Nolvadex will cause your triglycerides to raise.

Really you should just make sure that you are eating right - enough of the macro and micro nutritents; sleeping right and training right. In other words; make sure that you are eating enough fat and protein, getting enough sleep, and training hard but not overtraining. A perfect example of what you shouldn’t be doing is acting like one of those crazy long-distance runners and following some of their diet plans from the 70’s. So yeah, the absolute best thing for you to do is let your natural levels recover normally/naturally.

Thanks for the input guys. I think I will just let my levels recover naturally.