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HCG and Low Heart Rate?

Ive been taking 150-200mg test cyp a week for few years and Dr added HCG because Id like my balls back. Ive been taking 0.5mg a week and been so for about 6 weeks now.
Ive recently noticed that my resting heart rate is way low 47-54 bpm. Normally Im in the mid to high 70s
Can HCG be causing this? I cant think of anything else that I have done differently to cause it.
I had a thyroidectomy in 2008 due to thyroid cancer and have been on 175mcg synthroid ever since and I know that hypothyroidism can cause bradycardia/low heart rate, but Ive been fine at that dose for 10 years.

I’ve never heard of hCG causing a decreased heart rate.