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HCG and Hyperthyroidism?

Hey fellas,
I’ve been off T for a few months and using HCG. My blood came back indicating hyperthyroidism. I am wondering if there is a connection between the two?

I read somewhere that HCG can stimulate the thyroid

How hyper we talkin?

Can you post all your bloodwork?

There’s a lot of studies speculating about hCG stimulating the thyroid. Mainly in pregnant women. I don’t know if they found an answer. You’d have to read up on the studies. It certainly looks like it.
You could try it easily. Drop the hCG, test T4 and TSH again.

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Thank you for your responses.

My TSH is .01 and T4 is 3.3. So very high. Been on 500 iu’s of HCG 3x/week.

Hyperthyroidism is dangerous. Be responsible. Did you have other tests to assess where it comes from? Hashimoto, Morbus Basedow?
If you get any symptoms don’t shy away from seeing a doctor. If thyroid hormones get really high, it’s a very dangerous situation.

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Thank you. I feel terrible. Headed to the endocrinologist tomorrow.