HCG and Clomiphene

Hey all,

I’ve been taking hcg and a serm (clomiphene) for like 2 years now. I spent a lot of time looking into things, talking to my doctor and using this forum a s I was happy with my decision. I take the hcg twice a week and I take the serm every second day.

I went and picked up my prescription from my pharmacist today and he mentioned that he doesn’t like the pills, that I shouldn’t be on them so young, and something about mitochondria.

Since Covid I haven’t really spoken with my doctor. I just keep getting him to send scripts and I get blood work every 6 months.

I feel like a pharmacist knows a lot about drugs and how they Interact but, he doesn’t know anything about me personally.

Has there been new research done or a trying latley that tells us to stay away from this medication?

How old are you?

This is true, but probably also has nothing to do with his reason for concern. Why do you need HCG and Clomiphene?

I am 35.

I was having a bunch of health issues, nothing major but, didn’t feel how I felt I should (tired all the time, peeing all the time, lots of stuff). Eventually my journey led me to this doctor who tested my test and it was low. Said higher test mite help, so I started hcg.

My understanding is that combining hcg with a serm like this one is that it helps keep my estrogen in check? And stops from potential gyno problems.

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Well, this is true, it may help but…

These can be confused for primary/secondary issues. Were you getting enough good quality sleep and still tired, or were you getting poor sleep quantity and quality? If the latter, this can greatly affect your Testosterone levels.

Overall health problems tend to not be related to T levels, but symptoms of these problems can certainly be masked by TRT. This doesn’t fix the actual problem though; TRT is not a cure-all.

Ehh kind of. More like HCG tells your testes to make more testosterone, and Clomid tricks your body into thinking it is low on estrogen - which stimulates the testes to produce more testosterone. If you aren’t having issues with high estrogen, then you’re fine.

Before going on your HCG + Clomid treatment, did you try to correct lifestyle factors that can mimick low-t (sleep, stress, nutrition, exercise)?

Your pharmacist isn’t necessarily wrong to think you are young to be on such medications, but people are different. I’m 28 on TRT and your pharmacist would probably throw a fit if he new about that lol.

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I’ve always been pretty healthy. Work out and eat well etc… With the hcg I am still within the normal test range but higher up now, and I do feel better (especially in the gym).

There are other tests which may have been able to narrow down the cause of your low T a bit more, but either way - it sounds like you’re doing fine now.

Probably, but also probably the same type of research that tells you Tylenol will kill you.

I think it’s a fair argument that taking any medication for a really long time could eventually have a cumulative effect, but there are also cumulative effects of long-term low T values as well, so pick your poison. Personally, I like the one that makes me feel better =)

At some point, you may find yourself wanting a different treatment plan; I recommend looking into actual TRT when this time comes. It sounds that most people end up wanting to go under the needle as a means of treatment in the long run, but I wouldn’t go that route until/unless if your current protocol just doesn’t work anymore (it may never come to that).