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Hcg and Clomid While on a Test/Tren Cruise

First post, bear with me…

Been blasting and cruising for about a year now, finished a 1g test only blast in late august, and been on a test/tren 100/100 cruise since…

For a mere two weeks now I’ve been on 50mg of clomid a day and doing 500ius of hcg 2 x weekly (1000/week)…

I know it’s different for everybody, but any rough ideas when I should notice the B’s coming back? They still seem on the small side although I swear they may have grown a smidge.

I’m mid 30’s and the wife decided to try for our 2nd child, so I’m trying to at least even things out with my sauce use by trying clomid/hcg.

I want to blast again over winter but am holding back until a few ovulating cycles go by.

Any advice OTHER than get off the test/tren and try PCT?

I may go get a sperm count, as that seems to be a great idea lol


Don’t mix SERMs and HCG - you’ll overstimulate the Leydigs. One or the other should suffice, provided you haven’t tanked them.
Go get a sperm count and evaluate from there.

Hmmm any preference as which to drop? I did lower hcg from 500ius to 250/ week and clomid from 50 to 25…

I believe monday is the three week mark, and things downstairs are fuller and goo is thicker in case anybody’s interested lol.

Also skipped my bi-weekly test/tren injects, so I think I just decided I’ll stay on clomid as I read it helps keep test levels up as well.

Thanks for any more input!!!

For a restart stick with the chlomid