HCG and Clomid to Come Off TRT?

Ive been on TRT for 5 months now after getting levels checked to find TT was 230 several months after a cycle and PCT, 3 months into TRT of 100mg Test Cypionate/wk had levels done again and TT was down to 122. Dose was doubled and started feeling benifets but decided to get a second opinion.

Endo says stop TRT and start clomid, with my levels being so extremely low i am afraid to go off as much as i would like to restore natural test. what if it doesnt work? Body builder friend of mine said he had same problem and used HCG plus a SERM to restore natty test and he is fine now. I have HCG on hand as well as clomid and about 2800mg of test cypionate.

I want to gradually lower test dose while adding 500iu of HCG/wk and a week or two after last test injection add clomid. Does this sound like it could work? i am trying to avoid a total crash in T levels. I plan on getting blood work from endo again after a month of the clomid…

Any suggestions?