HCG and clomid Question. (T level)

Hi! I’m going to do my first cycle of 10 shots of Deca (400) and 500 mg of winstrol. I’ve had prety low T-level about 460 ng/dl so I thought that If i’m going to do this cycle I could also do sth to rise my T-level after a cycle and stabilize it at 700-900. I’d like to use clomid but I don’t know if clomid alone would be enough or I should take clomid and HCG?

Your gonna get a lot of questions about this and maybe some flames. Not sure what the goal is number 1? How are you going to space out the deca, mg/week? If your T is low it is about to become very low for a long time, deca is suppresive. Why not look to add some test to this cycle? Maybe 250mg test/200mg deca/week + 50mg win/day That puts your weekly total at 800mg which I think is okay if this is your first go around. You may wish to go around 1200-1000mg/week total if weight gain is the major goal.
HCG is preferred only while on and start with 250IU 2days/week only, sat and sun work well. Run clomid throughout and continue it well after the cycle (up to eight weeks). Do not run the HCG once you are off cycle as it will desensitize your testicle to your own LH and this is not ideal for recovery.