HCG and Clomid for Low T Recovery

Hey guys, I posted “Should I stay away from more steroids?” and got a lot of help, which I appreciate (quick summary: ran a cycle 6 years ago at 19, 280 test last year). Don’t mean to clutter the forum but thought I’d start a new thread with what I plan to do.

Can’t get triptorelin so gonna run hCG and Clomid together.

hCG: 250 eod x 4 weeks
Clomid: 100/d x 2 weeks
50/d x 2 weeks

I only wanted to ask because I read a lot about hCG being suppressive if ran too high and wanted to get some opinions. Please let me know if this is totally wrong or if I should tweak/add anything.

Really appreciate the help!

Looks ok but if your testes are shut down that dose of hCG will not do any good.
Many people say that dose is sufficient, however IME I have had to go up to stupidly high ‘blasts’ of hCG to get the testes to respond.


I would recommend to blast the hcg for a few weeks before beginning the SERM. At high dose, the hcg will be suppressive to your HPTA, rendering the SERM impotent.

Yes, the extreme length of time that has gone by I would blast em as well.

So, 500 eod with the SERM starting the last week?