HCG and Caffeine Interaction?

Hey, guys. I apologize if I’ve posted this in the wrong section. Is there any interection between caffeine (anhydrous and black coffee) ingestion and HCG, regarding absorption? I’m not mocking anyone, it’s a serious question…I do consume a lot of caffeine sometimes (800 mg at once or a little more) and I would like to know if it would interfere in HCG absorption, since it’s a hormone and caffeine is known messing with bowel movement, CNS, some other systems.


No, unless you are getting your HCG in some weird way.

None that I know of. Caffeine’s affects mainly the CNS by blocking adenosine receptors. You use HCG for it’s ability to bind and stimulate LH receptors which to my knowledge are independent of adenosine receptors.

Independent of HCG, it is conceivable that caffeine consumption can interfere with LH secretion because an indirect action of caffeine blocking the adenosine receptors in the CNS is a blocking of the effects of GABA on inducing sleep. A lack of REM sleep can mess with LH release. However, in the world of TRT, LH production and release has come to a virtual halt, and that is why we use HCG to compensate.