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HCG and Bedroom Performance

New to the forum here so I apologize if this has been addressed already.

I recently have heard some people using hcg to temporarily increase the size of their package as well as seminal loads.

Has anyone had experience or success/non-success with this?

Any insight or protocols is helpful thanks!

I’m not sure about using it for that purpose, but yes it can have that effect. It’s not increasing size or loads, it’s more getting back “normal”size. Most use it during cycle or with TRT. This implies testicular shutdown and some loss of testicle size. HCG can restore this. I don’t think it’ll add anything to a fully functioning package. If anything, taking it when not needed may have unwanted effects.

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I once took Ashwaghanda for 5 days and my balls grew to 1.5 times the size and my loads were at least double the volume. My GF noticed both. If I hadn’t had all that apathy on it, I would have continued. Try it out, it was a KSM-66 extract

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Great thanks for the insight!

Great thanks. How much of the stuff did you take?

300 mg per day. One capsule.

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Were you on TRT?


Nope i wasn’t on anything besides Ashwaghanda and St. John’s wort but the latter I was on for months at that point. So it was definitely the former that had the effects. My balls are relatively big normally but with the Ashwagandha they got really huge. I read that it increased semen motility and amount in hypogonadal men, but I’m not hypogonadal and there was a huge increase haha

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Awesome gonna try it. I don’t have motility issues but my lady and myself enjoy increase of volume.