HCG Alternative?

Hello guys, one stupid question. Is there are alternative to HCG?

the only alternative is to not use hCG.

Lots of people cycle without it and do fine, especially if you’re not going to be on for long.

I use it every cycle, but I know plenty folk who don’t.


Menotropin can be used as an alternative, is more effective but cost prohibitive.

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is that hmg? I’ve always wanted to try that

:slight_smile: yeah i was thinking the same,but if you stay longer than 8-10 weeks on,hcg is a must.

hmm okay, interesting, thank you.

Yes sir. Human menopausal gonadotropin. I’ve actually never used it myself but hypothetically its more effective because its essentially FSH and lh whereas hcg is only an analogue to lh.