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HCG & AI Your Opinions Please

Is it absolutely required to run an AI if you are using just HCG @ 200iu ed? Is there anything OTC that controls E2? Would it be possible to come Pos in a urine test for roids if just using HCG? I was thinking all they might see in a urine test would elevated test but would the HCG raise it that much that it would be questioned when only running 200iu ed.

I am 37 and my test level is @ 500 how much more do you guys think it would go up. I’m thinking about doing HCG because I just feel like crap forgetful, grumpy most of the time, lacking in bed, always tired and hardly any sexdrive I know this cannot be normal but my test levels are pretty good I think @ 500. I am very new at this so your opinions are greatly appreciated. I need help!!

What was your free T and E2? Do you have a full set of labs to post?

For most guys the answer is “yes”. You feel like crap, are forgetful, grumpy, tired, and you don’t chase the wife like you used to?
If you’re in your late 50’s then 500 is a good number, otherwise your T level really blows…

I agree with brentf13, your E2 ought to be checked. All the symptoms you mention are classically elevated Estrogen related, and by injecting HGC, you are asking to have even more E2 produced from the testes than without.
200iu ED is a bad idea. Too often. EOD is much better and 250iu’s would do the job.

If you are getting tested for anything, you are a fool to try to cheat the system. If you want to feel better and not flunk a test, and potentially raise your T levels, get an AI first.
Resveratrol (actually trans-resveratrol)is known to reduce E2; take 200mg’s day for each 80 pounds of body weight, and take it all at once. Adex is faster, but not predicable for everybody.

Iam going back to my doc and asking for a referal so I can go get a civilian doc. thanks guys

I will check and see what all got done as far labs. What labs should I make sure I get done?

Total T, Free T, Bio-Available T, SHBG, and Estradiol. (Extra Sensitive for Males)

Then there is LH, FSH, DHEA, PSA and AM & PM cortisol as well.

Thyroid should be checked as well TSH, T4, T3 Free T3%, and Free T4%.

These tests w/o insurance will be costly. I know the Estradiol is approx. $120.00 by itself at Quest, and I don’t know what the rest cost where you are. If you have insurance you can use in the private sector, great, if not Google “Life Extension Foundation blood tests” and find the nearest facility near you. They provide a doctor’s order for the tests and the cost for the Male Hormone panel is $189.00 if you are a LEF member ($75.00 membership I think).