HCG After Cycle/Before PCT or During Cycle?

I have been told by different people to take HCG at the end of the cycle before PCT but the stuff I have read online is telling me to start it during the cycle about 200iu 2x week. I have a 5000iu bottle of it, Should I run it now? I started my cycle 8 days ago or should I wait until the end and do it in between my last shot and the PCT. Right now I have 23g 1 1/2 needles for my gear, can I use those for the HCG? or do i need insulin needles? I can get 28g 1/2 inch ones at the pharmacy. I heard you can put it in your muscle or in the fat around your stomach. I’m running 225mg tren a week and 500mg a week of sustanon. My plan was to start clomid 3 weeks after my last sustanon pin.

It’s a matter of taste. I use it while on trt, as do a lot of guys in my situation. Guys who cycle can use it during if they’d like, or they can use it before pct, or not at all. It’s a matter of preference, frankly. If you’re getting bad testicular atrophy during cycle then it can help alleviate that. Post-cycle-pre-SERM has its benefits as well.

You just asked for advice on stopping this cycle and even bumped the thread for my response.

Dude your all over the place.

I’m starting to feel a lot better zeek and on another website everyone told me to stick it out, so that’s what I’m doing. By the time you actually responded my swelling had gone down and my fever went away.

Nothing wrong with sticking it out.

Altho i suggest you not complicat things anymore by worrying about hcg.

Ok so you don’t think I should use it before pct? Just wanna do the safest thing after the cycle is over.

I think it’s unnecessary

Ok thanks man and one more thing since I have you here. I should start clomid 3 weeks after last sustanon pin right?

There has been some recent debate about this. So I’m hoping hesitant to suggest time frames. But for the sake of what’s should work yes 3 weeks is fine.