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HCG Administration


I posted a week or so back about my PCT being messed up due to a lack proper meds. Luckly, i located both Novadex aswell as HCG for my post cycle. Thus my PCT for a 8 week Test cyp cycle will now appear as such, feel free to critue

Week 1 40 mg Novadex ed
500 HCG 3x a week

Week 2 40 mg Novadex ed
500 HCG 3x a week

Week 3 20 mg Novadex ed
500 HCG 3x a week

Week 4 20 mg Novadex ed
500 HCG 3x a week

Pretty standard im hoping.

Anyway, im hoping for some advice as to preping the HCG and administering it for the PCT. It came in a small vial and looks like a small amount of pool chlorine. With this came 30 mL of Bacteriostatic water. If someone could give me adivce of how to dose this, i would appreciate it. Aswell, im assuming that i can administer the HCG simply like my test injections?? Thanks


Use the HCG during a cycle or not at all. If you really must use it for PCT, limit its use to the weeks between the cycle and your PCT (dependant on ester length of drugs used) and the first week of PCT only.
Use just 250iu 3x/wk during the 'bridge' and i would suggest 150iu 3x/wk for the first week of PCT.

This will act as a bridge, a taper AND as stimulation to the Testes HOPEFULLY while not increasing suppression at all.
I would use a low dose AI concurrently with the HCG.

If you want tried and true methods, dont use it for PCT - it can inhibit recovery if used 'incorrectly'..

JMO :wink:


i had to find out the hard way i guess!

listen to brook dont do that mistake!


I've had good results using about half that amount of HCG -- 200 or 250 iu -- and I'll pin it eod just for the sake of simplicity.