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HCG Acne Issues, Any Remedies Out There?

Hello all!
I am on TRT and I also use HCG. My test is in pellet form and my HCG is injected 4 times a week at 250ui. I have had to gradually walk up my HCG intake because I was having sexual disfunctions with my ejaculation and orgams. The more HCG I take. The closer I get back to normal sexual function. The problem is the Acne. My back looks like it did when I was a teenager. I have tried different soaps, and scrub brushes. Nothing seems to work. Have any of you guys found something that works in getting rid of the Acne? Thanks for your help!

Why pellets? If you’re in the US, I’d suggest looking for another office to visit in person or schedule appointments for telemedicine with to go injection instead.

Regarding hcg issues, I don’t have acne issues, but other issues. Below is an alternative peptide that’s become more available as an hcg alternative at some HRT/anti-aging clinics.

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Did you get any blood work while you have been on TRT and hCG?

I live in a rural area and tried getting into injections with one company but the issue was labs. The company I was going to switch to was teamed up with another company that did their labs. No labs near my area. Still looking though. I actually like the pellets but I cannot compare either. Never did injects of test. I know I would like to remain in the 2000s more consistently though. I think the HCG has helped me to remain higher for longer but I can tell when I start dropping. Recovery time is effected quite a bit.

Yes i have been doing labs. I started TRT in December of 2019. Fairly new to it. I was told that I responded well to the test. They didn’t tell me there was an AI in the pellet as well though and that fucked me up for a few months. Estrogen was way to low. My second insert was straight test. Much better results. I have been using HCG since March 2020. This seemed to counter the AI that was still running its course. My HCG is up to 1000iu a week now and judging by my last set of labs. I think it has helped my test levels remain higher

Is this Kisspeptin taken orally? What do they mean mood altering? Are you using this? How has it effected your sex drive? Desire for sex?

OK, I was interested in what your levels were.

It is a peptide and not well tested as Im aware of