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HCG, Acne, and Protocol

What are your experiences with HCG and acne? I’ve ran my TRT dose at 210mg for 6 months (TT1700) and never had acne problems, and now my TRT dose is lowered to 120mg split into MWF shots along with HCG and I immediately broke out. Now I have all these acne scars on my back from it.

I started with 300iu twice weekly (600iu total) and felt like a greasy mess. After a month I lowered it to 100iu 3x weekly (300iu total) and I continued to break out. Now I’m down to 50iu 3x weekly (150iu total) and going to give this 30 days and asses if there is a reduction in acne.

even at 50iu MWF I experience all of the benefits I was looking for from the HCG. Balls are back to normal, increased ejaculation volume, orgasam isn’t desensitized, and feeling during intercourse is back to normal. It’s just the acne that I can’t get rid of. I shower everyday, and use benzoyl peroxide daily.

my e2 is in the midrange/normal. 28.8 pgmL (7.6 -42.6)

  1. Anyone have experience with taking HCG on a every other week or even every 3 week protocol? I’ve come across a thread that suggested that taking HCG on a regular basis doesn’t mimic your body’s natural pathways, and that taking it once every 3 weeks still works.

  2. Could the problem be in the fact that I mix my 40mg of test cyp with my HCG dose in one syringe and take it together? I wonder if alternating my HCG and test would help.

any input is appreciated, thanks

Sorry i deleted my last post, I thought this was about HGH since it was in the pharma thread. This should really be in the TRT section…

I do 150iu HCG every other day and do ok with acne. The only time I get flare ups is when I change my test dose. Up or down I get it either way. Even if I am a day late on my test dose I might get a flare up. Picking a dose and staying consistent seems to be key.

I use Alba acnedote when I get a flare up. It helps immensely.

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P.S. when you add HCG you are increasing your natural production of testosterone, essentially it is simulating increasing your TRT dose. It’s a small amount, but not negligible, so my suggestion is pick a HCG dose and ride it out for a few months and see if the acne backs off.

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