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HCG 500IU EOD for 14 Days, Do I Need AI?

Hello everyone i am planning to use 14 days of hcg 500 iu every other day , Is there chans i can get bitch tits should i use anastrazole Ore nolva With this combination ? Ore Meybe use after the 14 days ?

Huh? What is this supposed to mean?


I wrote wrong i have edited my english not good ,

So u mean i need to take anastrazole ?

But your English is good enough to know what “bitch tits” are?

What are you trying to accomplish with 2 weeks of HCG?

To see If it could boost my libido.

But Will i need anastrazole Ore is it safe to take in that dosage for 14 days

Anastrazol does not stop aromatization from hcg. If you’re worried about gyno then a SERM would be your logical choice. Or lowering the dose. But I’m unclear as to how much libido enhancement you’re going to get since once you stop taking it your testosterone levels will actually be lower than they are now.

Hello Thank u for ur ansvear Will my testo levels be lower pernamently ?

No, not likely. HCG is suppressive, but it’s not going to ruin your testosterone levels after two weeks of use. The problem is when you’re off the hcg it’s going to take a few weeks to get back up to normal, so whatever libido issues you’re having now will be much worse as you recover. Something to think about.

Could i send u an email ?

Sure thing. Happy to help.

Did u get my email bro

I always thought arimidex was the best against gyno? So nolvadex or clomid are better then?

Arimidex is good as an AI, which doesn’t necessarily mean protection from gyno. Nolva and Clomid specifically work against gyno, although ralox is probably the best choice of all the drugs out there.

But I thought clomid and nolva also raises estrogen and because of this cause gyno?

Clomid and Nolva block estrogen from binding to breast tissue. It’s why they’re used in breast cancer treatment.

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