HCG 500iu 2x/Wk + TRT 2x/Wk in the bellyfat + Arimidex 1x/Wk

As the topic says…injected with a small needle in the belly…and not pinching the belly…but rather spreading the belly surface the same way you would spread your thigh out tight if done instramusular. Or does it even make much of a difference if you pinch the belly vs. spreading it out so the surface is tightened?

How does this protocol sound?

  1. I was under the impression T is supposed to be injected intramuscular in the thigh or shoulder, once or twice a week. It seems like that is the norm. If using a smaller needle into the belly fat, which is painless, works as well, then why do most on TRT do the painful intramuscular injection into the thigh/shoulder? What benefit does the intramuscular injection have over injecting into the belly with a small needle?

  2. I though 250iu 1X or 2X a week was the norm. I thought 500iu dosage was only for people on HCG monotherapy.

Could someone who has a lot of experience on the forum tell me what the general consensus is on these two topics?

I was on HCG monotherapy 500iu EOD. So I was surprised to hear that this clinic has everyone doing injections 2x a week at 62.5 mg into the belly fat + the same dosage of HCG as done in monotherapy (500IU, just less frequent). I thought 250iu was the standard normal dose.

Also…the cost of this is over $420 dollars a month…would it be feasible to seek more affordable options once someone is familiar with the procedure and can self-medicate without guidance? I do know of people who…after doing TRT under doctor care for awhile, switch to just buying the medicine directly from pharmacies and self medicating while also getting their bloodwork done once every 2 months. They say it costs a fraction of going through it under a TRT clinic.

For starters there is no ‘norm’. Everybody metabolizes testosterone differently. Usually a ‘starter dose’ is 100mg/wk in one pin or split twice and then after follow up labs you adjust. Your SHBG also comes into dosage adjustments as well as how much you aromatize into E2.

As far as HCG goes usually its 800-1000iu per week split into multiple doses.

When it comes to AIs you should try to find a dosage that works for you without an AI. AIs have side affects too including a negative impact to your cholesterol.

All pharma and compounded testosterone is supposed to be injected IM. That’s what it was intended for. The new craze of sub q is catching on and is a personal choice. It appears to be just as effective for all intents and purposes.

Regarding your cost… way too much. Most test clinics will in the USA will run you half that cost which is still expensive. Try Defy Medical if you are in the USA I believe they do remote consults too.

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Unfortunately, I am in Asia so I can’t go with Defy.

I was thinking since other hospitals here in Asia refuse anyone with below 250 total T…an option in the future is to start out with the expensive TRT clinic for a few months…then to to a hospital and show them that I am already on TRT…in that case they may be more apt to be willing to prescribe it to me because then I’ve already made the life long commitment decision without them…so they won’t be afraid of being sued when there is proof that they were simply continuing what another doctor started.

We have men who respond well to TRT injections once weekly, then you have guys like myself who do much better injecting at a minimum EOD and even better on daily injections.

Normal for you isn’t going to be normal for someone else. Me personally feel terrible injecting SQ, TRT is a new field of medicine so I think it’s a little premature to be saying you are only supposed to inject IM when SQ works great for some people.

Defy Medical consults with other doctors around the world, they even have advice only consultants.