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HCG 250 IU Syringe Question


Guys, I have 5000 I.U Chorionic Gonadotroophin and Bacteriostatic Water of 30 mL. After mixing it up, how can I take 250iu from there?

I was guessing that I should take about 1mL and a half, since 1mL would be equivalent to approximately 166iu, PLUS 83iu from the half it would be equal to 249iu. Am I correct?


Why’d you mix it with 30mls??


My source gave me a free bottle.


Hahahahah! You have to inject 1.5ml of hcg, do you even math bro


Hahaha that’s what I thought.


Yeah next time try like 5ml, lol


You used 30ml of bacteriostatic water for 5000iu.
5000iu/30ml = 166,67iu per 1ml.
250iu is the amount you want to inject in 1 shot.
250iu/166,67ml = 1,5ml of bacteriostatic.

So yes, you are correct.

You might want to use 1 or 2ml per 1000iu in the future. So you would need between 0,25-0,5ml for 250iu. I would aim for 0,25ml if you’re using a slin pin. Should be easier to inject less ml if you’re injecting subcutaneous.

Good luck.