hCG 1000iu E3D Too Much?

I’ve seen it time and time again that hCG is recommended on cycle. However, it’s said to be taken at 250iu. Japan is a bit archaic in the treatment of hypogonadism – methlytestosterone is still prescribed for treatment. But, it’s recommended to be 1000iu E3D here.

I’m still working on the logistics of this one as it seems like I may get syringes – a very controlled item – to do this at home since it’s subq.

But, is 1000iu too much? When the time comes should I just scientifically (guess, I suppose) measure out 250iu instead?

I want to do hCG in conjunction with my B&C as to why I posted this in pharma over the TRT forum.


Just wondering if anyone has experience with this dose.

It may be more appropriate to post in the TRT section, but, @KSman does make his way around here time to time.