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HCG 1000 or 500 IUs?


Weekly Protocol:

Sunday: 500 iu hCG
Monday: 60 mg T cyp
Tuesday: .50 mg AI
Wednesday: 500 iu hCG
Thursday: 60 mg T cyp
Friday; .50 mg AI

In KSman sticky he suggests 250 iu hCG EOD (1000 weekly). I am worried (no 2nd panel yet to confirm) that for me 1000 iu weekly may be too much and want to go to 500 iu weekly (250/pin). Spoke to my MD yesterday and he was okay with this as long as the hCG was before the T Cyp. At 50 I am concerned that a lot of this hCG may be converting to E2.




250/EOD * 3.5 EOD/week does not equal 1000iu/week

"as long as the hCG was before the T Cyp" = baloney

Your AI should be closer to 1.2mg/week if you are a normal responder.

hCG does not in any way convert to E2, it can promote too much E2 production in the testes for a few. Most do not have a problem.

Half life of AI and hCG do not support injecting twice a week. E2 levels will be changing. Then the lab results can be more an effect of lab timing and not representative.

Do T and hCG at the same time and your routine will be simpler to live with. The fun part of injecting can wear off.

For injections and AI twice a week, take AI at same time as T. That way the waves of anastrozole levels will somewhat match the peaks of testosterone, which is better. EOD for everything works the best in terms of simplicity and smooth T and E2 levels. Then use 0.5ml 0.5" 29 gauge insulin needles for T and hCG [not in the same syringe].

You can make these decisions on your own if you are so inclined.


Thank you KSman. Here's the change in my protocol based on your advise:

hCG 250 iu EOD
Monday: 60 mg T Cyp & .50 mg AI
Thursday: 60 mg T Cyp & .50 mg AI

I have .50 AI capsules so I can't divide them but I think 1 mg per week is close enough till my next panel.