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HCG 10,000 IU Question

I received my HCG, 10000 IU, and it came in a form I was not expecting. Rather than a large vial with plenty of solution that I have had in the past, this came with the powder in an ampule, and 2ml of solution. My questions are: 1) If I dilute the 10000 IU into 5 ml of BS water, does that make it 2000 IU per ML? If then 10 ml, 1000 iu per ml?

Also, Is there a substitute for the BS water that can be used for the solution (over the counter)? I believe you cannot obtain BS water without a prescription.
These may seem like dumb questions, but you never want to assume anything when messing with your health.

I have only seen HCG in seperate vials that need to be reconstituted. Don’t over think the mixing. It is simple math. Total iu divided by ml used equals iu per ml.

As far as the substitution of solutions, I am not sure. I’ll let someone else field that one.

Distilled water (found at your local grocery store) works just fine. It’s a thing of economic beauty, really. Plus it’s free of virtually all impurities. The only downfall would be a lack of benzyl alcohol (which bacteriostatic water usually contains) in distilled water. But unless you intend to store your mixed HCG for prolonged periods (which would be a rather dumb thing to do), it shouldn’t make a difference (aside from a bit more pain).

How about contact saline solution?