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HBO Prison Series


I reading around teh interwebs that this series is pretty close to what is like in Prison. Anybody got insight to how true it is? Prison culture has always interested me.


Commit some crimes.

Find out first hand.



there's plenty of prison documentaries... History, Discovery, and TruTV have them on all the time... unless they have hidden cameras in the cells i don't know how much more accurate it can depict it...


OP just wants to see man-on-man action. LOL


That's what I'm thinkin...




Oz? LMAO Entertainment for sure, but not reality.

What is it about prison culture that interests you?


I really doubt that any prison administration would ever allow TV producers to film what really goes on inside.


if they did... it would be heavily edited... and most likely turn into jersey shore: alcatraz


"Come at me bro!"

SHANK! End of fight.


Did you not see the logical conclusion we came to? Man on man action.


but would they be smart enough to fashion a shank out of everyday materials... that is the real question


<------------a graduate of FCI Terminal Island.

You are not thinking like a true convict. The question is not whether you can fashion a weapon from any material, but do you have the money to pay someone to either make or sell one to you from the metal shop.

Money talks, you want smokes it's money. You want a cell phone, it's money. You want X,Y, or Z, it's money. Charles Manson got caught with his 2nd cell phone.




I've seen most of them, and they are fake based on some actual events. I work in the biggest prison in the state. Uniforms aren't that nice. Buildings aren't that clean. Paint is not that fresh. Inmates are not that easy going. Shanks? I've seen inmates roll up newspaper so tight and big that it was as hard as a baseball bat. I've seen all sorts of things. When people have 24/7 to think about how to do/make/invent/create weapons, how do you stop determination?


The cat and mouse game favors the mice. They have more time to figure out how to get around the traps.

I think the most goddamn-dest thing I ever saw was when the new warden removed all the TV's from the living areas. He took this tough stance, only to be met by Rosario Gambino, the consigliere from the Gambino family had a little "chat" with him, we got the TV's back with cable LOL. A good man to know I must say.


LOL "nah, you ain't done - you missed a spot behind yo ears!" "take a look at this, now THAT'S hygiene" That is TOO funny!


This one is pretty good. It's on San Quentin in California.


You forgot, "Look at me all glistenin' and shit." LOL