Haywood's Training Log

Just here to gain back some strength and muscle mass. I took a long break off lifting (college threw me off) but now I’m back for good.


Current Maxes | June 4, 2010
Deadlift: 315lb. x 3
Weighted Dips: BW+50lb. x 6
Dumbbell Rows: 70lb. x 10
Weighted Pull-ups: BW+35lb.

Old Maxes
Deadlift: 385lb.
Box Squat: 315lb. x 3
Front Squat: 235lb. x 3
Incline Dumbbell Press: 80lb.
Dumbbell Rows: 100lb. x 7

Upper Body May 10, 2010

A. Weighted Pull-ups
BW+35lb.x4, BW+25lb.x4, BW+25lb.x3, BW+20lb.x3

B. Dumbbell Rows
65x10, 65x7, 65x6, 50x10, 50x8

Notes: I whip-lashed or pulled a muscle in my neck during Weighted Pull-ups. Sucks. Neck hurt during rows but not during dips so much. Still hurt 3 days later.

I have an odd work schedule so I lift whenever possible.

May 14, 2010

A. Deadlift
Warm-up included
315x3, 285x3

B. Weighted Dips
BW+50lb.x6, BW+35lb.x5, BW+50lb.x3, BW+35lb.x5, BW+25lb.x4, BW+25lb.x4, BW+25lb.x4

C. Wrist Roller (Flexion and extension superset)
25lb., 25lb., 25lb., 25lb.

Notes: this session took all too long. I was in there for two hours, because I was coaching both of my friends. Regardless, I gotta start pacing my workouts

May 20, 2010

11:15PM (gym closing in 45 minutes)
A. Deadlift
295x5, 245x5, 245x5, 245x5, 225x5

B. Hill Sprintsx26

May 20, 2010

Hill Sprintsx10 with a slacker friend. Wanted to do more.

May 29, 2010

A. Weighted Dips (Lockouts)

B. Weighted Dips (full range)
BW+35lb.x7, BW+25lb.x4, BWx10

C. Dumbbell Rows
65x11, 65x8, 65x7, 55x12

May 31, 2010

A. Rack Pulls (right below knee level)

B. Front Squat (Speed)
185x2 for 7 sets

C. Speed Deadlifts
185x1 for 8 sets

Notes: My left wrist (weak wrist) got a bad pain from doing the near max Rack Pulls. Next time, I’m gonna keep the weight down and do it ramping style (Perfect Rep) like taught in I, Bodybuilder. That method to me seems like it’ll be very effective when doing Rack Pulls.

June 4, 2010

Max Effort
A. Weighted Dips (Lockouts)
BW+75lb.x5 (PR)

B. Weighted Dips (full range)
BW+35lb.x8 (PR), BWx9, BWx6

C. Dumbbell Rows
70x10 (PR), rested for a while after set
70x8 (PR), 60x10, 55x10

D. Preacher Curl drop set
25x4, 15x12

E. Triceps Extension drop set
1 lame set. I don’t like this exercise.