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Haye Vs Klitschko


The most anticipated fight in boxing is on the way.

The greatest cruiserweight of all time David "the Hayemaker" Haye takes on the overrated and supposed "Number 1" Boxer in the world.

There's only one ending, he's considerably faster, and having come up from the lower weight is undoubtedly the hardest and most exciting heavyweight in the world.

Unification on the way....


Those are some bold words my friend. I hope to christ he does do it, but one things for certain, itll be his toughest fight yet.


Klitschko will win again, and I will celebrate again.


Fuck yes bring it on. It's about time this happened.

I'm not sure how it will play out however. While Klitschko is a boring fuck, he is smart. On the other hand, Haye has the speed and elusiveness to turn Klitchsko's jab into fluff, and the power to follow up with.



Since when has a klitscho fight been the most anticipated fight in boxing?

I couldn't get past this sentence, didn't bother with the rest of the post. hahahahah


Don't feed the trolls.


he's from England, so I'd say more delusional.


I am guessing rabid nationalism is at play here. I understand rooting for the home team so a Brit roots for a Brit, but two things.

  1. In no way in Haye a better cruiser than Evander Holifield. Hell, overall I don't put him ahead of Toney. Not to mention all the heavies we discussed in the other thread that didn't have Cruiserweight as an option (e.g. Marciano, Fitzsimmons).

  2. I am looking forward to this fight, but the most anticipated fight in boxing has to be Mayweather vs Pacquio. Of course that fight is scheduled for the 3 weeks after never, so in England maybe this is the most anticipated.


I agree KLitschko is smart but I think Haye's wised up in last few years, I love his confidence (what some call arrogance) before every fight he promises to win by KO, but he has such an attack its always possible. I've come round to being a bit of a Haye fan solely becuase of how entertaining he his. Bags of Charisma in and out of the ring.


I'd agree every day that Maywhether vs Pacquio on a world scale is the most anticipated.


Lol becuase the english are delusional...? Were talking about the unification of the heavyweight titles, but then again who cares seen as there's no American in this fight...


It has nothing to do with an American being in the fight, and everything to do with the fact that the heavyweight division is full of nobodies. Haye being the #1 challenger just means he beat whatever Russian metalworker decided to pick up the gloves last year and say he's a boxer.

Haye has a big mouth but he's never fought a great fighter. As much as I can't stand WK because of his boring ass style, he's a much bigger, better fighter.

Haye will be the next in a long string of British fighters over the years who should just write "Hey mum I tried" on the bottom of his shoes and stick to cricket.


Ok your entitled to your opinion and I enjoy a debate, it just seemed to be nonsensical to be referred to as "delusional" because I'm from England, not that I'm thin skinned or anything and took the comment to heart.

In regards to your though on British boxing, your a little of the mark in my opinion. Whilst the likes of Haye and Amir Khan take a large amount of the publicity we have some exciting talent. Most noticeably Derik Chisora.

Hayes thought big fights, my favourite was the fight against John Ruiz, were he made a VERY well respected fighter look like very little. Even his only loss to Carl Thompson was a good fight, dominating in the open rounds but ending up punching himself out. A smarter Haye now a days would win that fight.

Irrespective of if people think I or the brits are favouring our fighter, I've heard neutrals all over regard Haye as an incredibly exciting fighter.


I don't dislike him- in fact, I dislike the type of fighter that Wlad is much more. Haye is a bit smaller and is quicker- much more like the heavyweights of old that were actually fun to watch. However, Ruiz was way past his prime by the time he fought Haye. Haye is essentially a big mouthed, unproven fighter in my eyes.

And as far as British boxing, I'm not a fan. I love Ricky Hatton, don't get me wrong, he's one of my favorites, but the British press seizes upon every mediocre fighter the isles put out and makes a hero out of him. Khan's ability is vastly overblown, as is that of most other European fighters.

Khan's weak chin will end his career, and Haye is really a cruiserweight in my eyes.


See, this is why people are calling you delusional...

First of all, calling Dereck Chisora an exciting talent is so widely off the mark that, where this an archery competition, you would have taken someone's eye out. Dereck Chisora may be a ggreat fighter when it comes to biting some guy's dick off in an alley, or beating his girlfriend's face to a pulp, but he's not a great fighter in the ring. In fact, he's not even a good fighter. In fact, he makes Primo Carrera look like Muhammed Ali. I mean what is his claim to fame? Beating some guy who barely beat some guy who may have driven a cab?


Now on to John Ruiz. Who apparently was a VERY well respected fighter. Well I got new for you son. He wasn't. In fact, not only was he a categorically mediocre fighter but he was an old categorically mediocre fighter. A bunny rabbit hit by a pick-up truck would have offered as much resistance to David Haye.

And finally we reach your statement that neutrals "all over" regard David Haye as an exciting fighter. If you mean all over England, you are correct. But if you mean all over the world you should bear in mind that in several places the name David Haye is synonomous with "The Ducker". Now don't get me wrong, Haye is fast, and fit, and he likes to throw leather... BUT he has fought absolutely no-one even approaching the level of a Klitschko. So if you're going to watch the fight I suggest leaving the cans at home and bring a pallbearer.


I'd agree 100% (a lot countries are the same) but the british media are consistently guilty of the attitude "we love a winner and turn on you if your a loser". It would be interesting to see how many knew Haye before the Valuev fight. I've always been a fan, I don't see arrogance only charisma and confidence. Which is often important in modern day sports.

Ricky Hatton was hugely popular until he was convincingly destroyed by Maywhether, and the mass audience pushed him aside. Hell the papers even set him up and filmed him taking drugs! The same scenario wouldn't have been set up should he have beaten Maywhether and rekindled British Boxing pride.

I have to disagree about what you said about Khan though, he's the real deal. His fight in Vegas was one of the best I've seen. He took some real hits against Maidana and came back strong.

Haye is an amazing athlete, fast and very strong. I have no doubt he's too intelligent to lose to Klitschko now. Adam Booth is doing an amazing job with him and Haye has far too much ability for Klitschko style.


I hope one day I reach a level on knowledge like duffyj2 where by all my opinions are facts.
You fail to make one valid point you use opinions and disregard all Hayes achievements.

David Haye unified the cruiserweight titles. Beat the number 1 fighter in the world at the time - Mormeck. Beat Valuev who neither Klitschko ever took on. (They won't even take on each other ) Valuev was no mug he beat Holifield Haye is the real deal. Not exciting? 23 KO in 26 begs to differ.


Valuex is a mug. He's beaten nobody and he's a shitty boxer. He does OK cause of his ridiculous size. That's it.

And cruiserweight titles just aren't that impressive. It's an odd weight to fight at, and few good fighters do.

And Holyfield was 143 when Valuev beat him.

ANd WHY the fuck would you think that BROTHERS would EVER fight each other?

You sound like a young kid.


Ha 100% agree that Valuev is a poor boxer. However he is VERY GOOD at what he does! Around 50 wins! If he's so beatable why didn't someone swoop in and take an easy belt? (Before Haye)

And I get the sentiment of brothers not fighting but I also see the desire to be the out and out best. Boxing is profession and not something you do to kill time. Unifying the belts use to be a boxers ambition.

Do you agree with the rest...you only seem to counteract one argument and focus one that, as oppose to accepting the other achievements which are indisputable. You are the first person I have ever heard discredited the cruiserweight division so much. You only argument is that "its odd".