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Haye vs Drago Is Off


David Haye has suffered a back injury and pulled out of their scheduled fight.

He says hes flying back to England for treatment and his manager wants to postpone the fight for an extra 3 weeks and he'll be ready then.

Drago says the fight is now off and haye has missed his chance forever.

Thoughts? personally im very disappointed to see this and hope the fight can be rearranged as the heavyweight division really needs some good fights.


Now I'm hearing that Wlad won't fight him at all.

This sucks alot. I really, really wanted to see Haye up on the big stage. Between him and Arreola they've got the charisma to really bring HW boxing back.


Agreed, tbh sounds like manna from heaven for the klit brothers, they will try and avoid him forever saying he blew his one chance, as i dont think either wanna fight him, hes too much of an unknown quantity. he could get KTFO in round one, but equally i think they see a bit of the eye of the tiger in haye and feel he may just be capable of blowing one or both of them away.

apparently, there may be a chance to rearrange 3 weeks later, which is what the haye camp are pushing for.


Yea this gives them something of an out, at least for the moment. And I agree- I see Haye wanting this fight so much that it worries Wlad... he's always been a bit of a headcase.

But Wlad really needs this fight or people are going to start bitching. And he doesn't have the tremendous fanbase that other fans accused of ducking fighters do, i.e. Mayweather.

In the end they'll have to fight. For Wlad, the sooner the better, because he's not getting any younger.


I was looking forward to this myself....boxing HW division really pisses me off.


I don't buy Klit's comments about, "he blew his one chance." He will get another, if Wlad wants to be seen as relevant. He will most certainly win against Haye, and looking at his record he has never ducked anyone. He's fought the best of what's out there his whole career. It's just that the best ain't all it used to be.


Couldn't agree more.


hmmmmm.... why not let haye recover, and get a few wins over CREDIBLE heavyweight opponents before he gets another shot? Areola is more deserving than haye (as a heavyweight), and i could name a few other good young prospects that have already proven themselves against heavyweight competition that deserve a shot more than haye.

didnt hollyfield have like 5 or 6 fights at heavyweight before challenging for the title? some were legitimate contenders, like "quick" tillis, michael dokes, and pinklin thomas?

wlad does need to fight, soon, but against a proven heavyweight contender.


Wlad don't want none of Arreola.


He is scheduled to fight Chagaev on June 20th who didn't look all that impressive in his last fight against Drumond. Valuev would probably have been a better matchup for Chagaev.


Chagaev is going to make for a snooze fest.


ummm. VK wants Arreola bad. they want to have it in LA and make lots of $$$$.


Wlad seems to be regressing. Since the second Byrd fight were he looked animalistic, he is growing more and more robotic. He reminds me of a new generation Larry Holmes, a Mr. Jab that isn't getting peoples interests. Hell, HBO even didn't show this fight and they have been the Klitchko network.


I heard it was boring... like most other Klitscho fights, he probably could have KO'd the guy way sooner... or at all.