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Hay Chris Shugart, Bill Roberts

Do you have any info on how Eric Serrano, Joey Antonio, and Jeff Stout’s book Suplements is coming along??? Maybe t-mag could post an update when its out? if you have any info thanxs.

I reviewed one of these already in the last “Stuff We Like” column, but they have a couple that have been out for a few months. I don’t think Serrano is involved much in the ones I’m thinking of. He wrote the forward. I’ll review their other book in a future column.

Joey and Jeff have a new book out that both John Beradi and I have a chapter in. It is called Sports Supplement Encyclopedia. It is published by Nutricia Institute of Sports Science and available thru www.supplementbooks.com It is worth picking up and will shortly be available at every GNC

Doug, I went on Amazon.com and come up with this book (which list not out yet)
Supplements for Strength-Power Athletics
by Jose Antonio, Jeffrey R. Stout

Is this the book your a refering too that you and John Wrote a chapter in? If not, do you know anything about this book. Sounds pretty neat.

Lori - the book that you are referring to is by Joey and Jeff and different than the new one that I mentioned. The new one is called Sport Supplement Encyclopedia and is available online at www dot supplementbooks dot com. It will be also available shortly thru GNCs, but not Amazon (as far as I know. Other T-mag contributors have also written chapters in this book (Tom Incledon, etc.).