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Hawk in the House


2 hrs ago I heard a loud noise in the house, so I go and check all the room, and nothing. Figured it was either my imagination or the dump trucks nearby.

Roommate just got home and noticed a broken window and checked the room. there was a hawk in it, lol

Not sure how I missed it, but that could have been ugly.


So what happened? How'd he get out?


Is it still there?


I think he killed it...


hawk jerky, j/k

I went outside and opened the window with a broom and he flew off.

Was pretty scary having it stare at you about 3 feet away with its talons right there.


To bad, coulda ate it, im sure it had plenty of protein!


And got a nice hefty fine to go along with it for killing a migratory bird of prey.


glad he got out...you have to respect anything that hunts


OMG. Dude, that could be the most badass omen of all time.
Dude 1: "A hummingbird flew into my house this morning, I'm excited man, I heard it brings good luck."
Dude 2: "Dude, I had a fucking HAWK chillin' in my house today."
Dude 1: "Dude, that's legit."
Dude 2: "I'm gettin' so much ass tonight, I know it."
Dude 1: "Bet."


OLD !!


Noone would have to kno.


That is very cool!!!


Do you know the first thing about how to go about killing/cleaning/cooking a fucking hawk?

Plus, it's not worth it. It's a protected animal.


You should call up someone you don't like and be like, "Hey _____, how you doin'? What'd you do today?"

As they start to speak, interrupt them and say, "Listen, man, I just called to tell you something....A FUCKING HAWK JUST FLEW IN MY FUCKING HOUSE, MAN! A MOTHERFUCKING MAJESTIC KING OF THE BIRDS WAS IN MY FUCKING KITCHEN! HOW YOU LIKE ME NOW, BITCH?!!"

Then hang up.


You should of killed it with your bare hands to prove hawks have natural predators.

You would of been at the top of the food chain Jfit. tsk tsk.


its a joke, you know, hahaha....


x 2

Awesome. Even better that you got it out of there without injury.


"Keep it on the down loo-oooooow nooobody has to knooooow-oooh-oooooooh..."

Seriously though, I doubt there's much meat on a wild hawk, plus they're a lot more badass than a cow or chicken or pig.


You must have mice. He was probably going after it and when it went into your house, the hawk followed.



fuck this shit, i'm gone.

a bat just flew in the house through my closet somehow