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Hawaii Air Ambulance Crash


Please pray for my EMS brothers and sisters. Today, a Hawaii Air Ambulance flight from Honolulu, crashed in Kahului, Maui. All three personnel on board were killed in the line of duty. Please pray for them. May God's grace shine upon them.



Man, I'm so sorry to hear that, cd. Did you know any of them personally?


Our prayers are with their families...people that do this work really are heroes...


Sorry to hear about the loss, my prayer's are with them.


I live on Oahu and alot of my buddies are paramedics. One got stabbed in the neck by a deranged ice addict he was trying to help. So to hear about three people who saved others lives die like this is depressing. My thoughts and prayers go out to their loved ones.



I work at Hilo International Airport..and I didnt even hear anything. Im sure Ill hear about it tomorrow. Sad to hear...RIP the lost ones.


Particularly tragic when we lose is people who take such risks for others.

They are in my thoughts.