Hi guys,

This is my first post on T-Nation. I have been working out for about 3 years with great gains. I used to be a tennis player in college, so with eating clean and working out hard I got great gains with very little fat. I am done with college, and now currently doing Ramadan. I plan on hitting the gym hard when it is over (since I am practically depleted by the time I am done with work).

I was reading about Havoc and have heard some great things about it, but I want to do it right. Most people who have done it, have not done it with a PCT, and therefore health becomes a great risk. I was hoping if someone could help me out and set me straight.


WTF is ‘Havoc’? If it’s a steroid (or, a dubious street-name for a steroid), you might want to head over to the Steroids section.

I really don’t think this belongs in the beginner’s forum.

Havoc is a designer steroid. Look up what that is and ask yourself if you want that.

You NEED a PCT with it. Read the link “thatguy” posted as well.

I ran havoc for 3wks and liked it. Gained a few total lbs, but lost bf% as well.

What PCT did you run and for how long?

[quote]cdmst6 wrote:
What PCT did you run and for how long?[/quote]

Usually people run Nolvadex (actual Tamoxifen Citrate) in a 40/40/20/20 fashion after their cycle. So 40mg/day for the first two weeks, and then 20mg/day for the next two weeks.