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Havoc + Propadrol

After a successful havoc cycle recently as outlined below:
20/30/40/40 (30 on last day - ran out of tabs)
The results were as follows:
Bench: 102.5kgx3 --> 110kgx4
Squat: 100kgx3 --> 115kgx4
Everything else up… gained something silly like 15-20lbs but a lot was fatty tissue… Although saying that my dips and pullups increased slightly throughout the cycle.

Fat gain was mostly attributed to me dropping almost all energy systems work and eating 6 meals a day with 30-50g protein each… and a minimum of about 3500 calories. About the dirtiest thing I ate mind was chocolate milk.

Well Im thinking of running a second cycle of Havoc at 30mg ED except for the last 6 days at 40mg to use up the caps… and perhaps stacking with propadrol.

Im just curious if anyone here has any experience on such a stack and what dosage they would run the propadrol at…

Or is this a massive waste of money? My initial stack was going to be havoc + furazadrol but I have yet to see any real decent reviews for the furazadrol.

Incase anyone hasnt tried it - havoc is fantastic… particulary in the 30-40mg range. I definatly wont be stepping up from 20mg next time!

EDIT: And before anyone asks - yes running a proper PCT.