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Havoc / Natural Test Booster Debate


OK can someone solve the debate I'm having with a buddy of mine lol . . he is just finishing his cycle of TEST/Anabolic Freak and wants to go right into a cycle of Havoc . . I am telling him he is crazy and should rest a bit. He however is saying his body is primed and ready to goto the next level.

So T-Gods who is right? lol and as always TY


you are both fucking retarded

edit: just looked up "test freak" and "anabolic freak"'s ingredients and all I have to say is..

gtfo of here, this is a steroid forum


. . TY for your input . . however, YES and TYVM I know its like comparing an apple to a watermelon. And furthermore I'm NOT disputing the fact that the ingredients do nothing for his cycle pre or post for that matter and most would agree PH are junk and a waist of time. The point was more that cycling anything is a good idea regardless if its herbal or otherwise . . but somehow I think that point was lost in my post and bud sorry if I offended you. we were simply having a debate and because the topic had to do with a PH I figured I would post the thread on here . . If I could delete the thread I would . .