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I cannot swallow pills and plan on stacking these two products in the coming weeks. I wanted to know if crushing them up and mixing them into a shake or drink would enable them to lose any of their effectiveness? or if it wouldnt make a difference at all?

thank you in advance for any feedback


This is a new one. We've moved from needlephobia to the inability to swallow pills. Amazing.

They are capsules, not tablets. I'm pretty sure you can empty the powder out of the capsules, but am not 100% on that. Someone here should know.


I have to ask, do you have a medical condition that won't allow you to swallow pills (Not likely and if you did you likely wouldn't be able to eat)? Or are you 5 years old?

It won't make a difference with the effectiveness. And yes, if they are capsules you should be able to empty them out.

I wouldn't put them in a shake or large drink though, there would be a chance that you could lose some product in the glass.

Empty them directly into your mouth and swig them down with some beverage.


Good advice BenceJones...(many lack such common sense)


There is no difference.

Problem is your going to lose a fair amount of product doing this, crushing them on a cutting board or something and putting them in a protien shake.

Some of the powder is going to stick to the sides and what not.

Just swallow the pills, where do people come up with these ideas.


Haha from needlephobia to pillphobia. Worse comes to worse chew them in your mouth then wash then down with a drink. Sure it will taste like shit but you wont have to swallow a whole pill just pieces lol.