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Havoc Epi/Dmz/Suss250/Stano Cycle


Hey guys need some advice on stacking.
I'm 33 6ft 80kg 12bf
Goal put 10kg on by end of year
I have one bottle of epi 90 caps 10mg per cap
One bottle of Celtic labs DMZ 90 caps 15mg per cap
One bottle of stano-200 90 caps 200mg per cap
12 weeks on sus250
I want to kick of cycle with
Week1-12/sus@500per week
Werk8-12/stano+epi not sure on dose. Use this to harden up gains
My experience one test cycle a year ago clean 8kg gain
I've got all my on cycle shops covered
Plus seems
Really need advice on how to cycle this.
pro hormones already bought
So may as well use them they are both dry compounds good reviews.
Thanks for your help


well, just because you have that stuff doesn’t mean you need to use it all at once.

personally, i hate Superdrol, and from what i understand, DMZ is a much stronger version.

i’ve also used Epi/Havoc, and found higher doses caused me some serious joint pain (however, the sustanon you’re taking might keep estrogen up high enough to prevent this)

honestly, i’d suggest running the whole cycle a little shorter, like this:

Week 1-4:
Sustanon-500 mg/wk
DMZ-15-45 mg/day

Week 5:
Sustanon-500 mg/wk

Week 6-8:
Sustanon-500 mg/wk
Epi-10-40 mg/day

Week 9:
Epi-10-40 mg/day

Week 10-15:
Nolva-20 mg/day

and eat. 80 kg is pretty light for a guy 6’ tall…