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Havoc Dbol Test Combo

Hey guys I was wondering what are your thoughts on running test e for 10 weeks 500mg a week with dbol and havoc? If you had these available to you how would you take them?

I have been taking the dbol before training and the havoc after training with my dinner and on rest days I rely on the test only which should provide enough of an anabolic environment. I do not have many of either oral left and I was keen to use them up.

So far I have gained 10 pounds in 3 weeks. With this method could I run the orals for the full 10 (12?) weeks seeing as they are a low dose and only on training days which are every other day? I know normally its 4-6 weeks when doses every day. Surely that would not be very liver toxic if its 1 dbol and 1 havoc. Thanks for your consideration.

Oh yeah a little background info. I have been lifting for over 10 years I am 30 years old. I have done several cycles before. Earlier in the year I was ill and lost a lot of weight. I had also been dieting so I feel like I’m starting from where I was a few years back. I train every major muscle at least once every 8 days. I never miss a workout but I do like to take a day off after every session.

So what do you guys think is it ok to take the dbol 1 before training and 1 havoc after. or do you think run dbol for 4 weeks every day then run havoc from weeks 8-12 on a 10 week test cycle? the one day on one day off orals will keep my liver from getting damaged like it would on an everyday protocol.