Havoc Cycle

I plan on running epistane as my first cycle for 6 weeks.
Been training for 2 years 1 year properly with diet.
Current stats 174cm, 78kg
Hoping to gain a bit of size and lean up and also get some strength gains

Preload hawthorn/milk thistle for a week before
Havoc Day 1- 10mg, Day 2, 20mg then 30/30/40/40/40
Cycle support of AI Life support, 4 caps a day on cycle then 3 caps a day during pct
PCT nolvadex Day 1- 40, Day 2- 30 then 20/20/20
Also taking 3g DAA a day in PCT and loading with creatine

Do I need to up the novla at all PCT or should this suffice, or any other changes need to be made?

Why do prohormone users waste their time ramping up dosage like this? You never see this shit with like dbol or winstrol.

Just do 40 the whole time. If for whatever reason sides are intolerable, you can always reduce the dose. This is highly unlikely though.

I have no idea what AI Life support is, but if it’s not a SERM, it’s not appropriate. Epistane is a steroid, and should be treated as such. Adex or Aromasin. If you have Nolva, I’m sure you can get either one of these. Dose at the low end of the recommended dose for either.

PCT is fine.

EDIT: I said SERM earlier, but I meant AI. Brain fart, sorry. And I went ahead and looked up this life support product. It’s not an AI. In fact it looks mostly useless. It’s meant to protect your liver, but with a cycle like this, such products are not particularly necessary. It’s not gonna hurt you though.

I agree with the above comment, do what he says.

[quote]NumeroUno1 wrote:

Also taking 3g DAA a day in PCT and loading with creatine


I was wondering why not just load creatine now and run it forever? I have seen other people wanting to add it in just for their PCT. I’ve never understood why you wouldn’t want to be on creatine year round?