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Havoc and Libido


Just a quick question with respect to havoc and libido/mood.

Obviously I know that it's not going to be an immediate change, but how long would one say (one who knows PH/DS or has experienced it with this drug before) it would take to notice any change?

It's only my fourth day so I'm not thinking that it's due to the Havoc but I'm about ready to nail my girl to the wall. (moreso then usual)


i'm not sure what i was thinking - shut down, i guess - so i made the mistake of taking paravol, hyperTEST, and a half dose of Alpha Male (bottle was left over and almost empty) when i started a havoc run. within a week it was penile 911!

wk3 of havoc and off the extras with a pretty good return to normality. so i am thinking you (and your gf) will be fine.


Havoc boosted my libido epicly.

If this is your first time taking PH it might take a little while for libido to kick back with your nolva PCT - for me it took a long 2-3 weeks.


Well if there is a bit of a drop in libido it will be a good rest for the two of us.

But the 4 week cycle will be "epic"

She will know what we all say when one says: "I would hit that with the fury of 11 suns until there was none left"


Hopefully you don't get a post cycle libido crash as bad as some do from Havoc. Beleive me when I say that no matter how much you think it will be ok to deal with, you will hate it.

I assume you've never had your libido negatively impacted. It's not enjoyable at all and can be depressing.

Going from the 'extreme high' that you are on now may only make the drop off that much more noticable.


I had this... did not FULLY recover till about another 4 weeks after PCT but was on the low end of average by about 3 weeks into pct... well by fully I mean almost as high as when on cycle!

Its not a big teal to be honest. I did find that ZMA helped me a lot post pct - im guessing I was a little zinc defficient too. Some herbal supps should do the trick... some guys on here seem to like maca root?


Thanks for the heads up guys. I'll be sure to ready myself for anything.