Having ZMA Issues

So I’ve been hearing all kinds of great things about ZMA and decided to give it a try. Unfortunately I coulnd’t get Biotest stuff as my source was sold out, so I got some from another company.

I’ve seen lots of people post about wild dreams and stuff while using it, but man, my sleeps have been nothing short of violent. I don’t just toss and turn, I frickin’ thrash in bed. I don’t wake up feeling tired, but it’s a pretty strange experience. I thought it might just be me so I stopped using for a few weeks, then started again and same thing happened. Anyone else have similar experiences? Should I just cut back the dosage?

Could this be anything else? I have intense dreams like then when I eat something heavy (like meat) too close to bedtime…

The thrashing, tossing, and turning occur when you are sleeping or do you wake up to move around?

Honestly I don’t know what I am doing. I am sleeping.

you would’ve probably been better off ordering from the site or waiting for your ‘source’ to get more in stock. I use Biotest ZMA and it’s awesome!

I had similar problems at first, it has passed after a bit. I also had cotton mouth in the morning. But after about 2-3 weeks, it passed. I think the dreams are interesting.

I first used ZMA back in '99 (don’t know what brand), but definitely had the very lucid and unusual dreaming, at least for a while. I felt just the opposite of you in that I slept well and hard, yet with the more intense dreams and I could recall them easier than I typically would have.

I went off it for a few years and started taking it again about 2 months ago ordering from Biotest. I haven’t noticed the dreaming as I had before, and honestly, I was a bit disappointed in that. No problems noticed.

I was thrashing around while asleep, so much so that it’d wake me up. I have since cut back to two caps before bed (incidentally the recommended women’s dosgae for that product… ouch) and slept like a baby. Strange. The violent sleeps definitely weren’t from something I ate as I never ate anything too heavy before suggested. Thanks for the input guys.

i had problems as well for the first 3 weeks…mainly just trouble sleeping…waking up in the middle of the night, and not being able to fall back asleep. but for the past 3 weeks, its be awesome…completely unconscious, can wake up, use the bathroom, walk down stairs, have a shake, walk back up to bed and fall alseep in under 5 minutes. i wake up every morning like ive slept for 10 hours.