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Having Trouble Sleeping


I know this sounds crazy but I am having trouble sleeping. I have put on several pounds of muscle over the last 16 months. I am 5'10" 200 pounds. I am a side sleeper and I awake 3-4 times every night with my shoulder asleep and hurting. I try to sleep on my back and my hands fall asleep and that wakes me. I don't have any shoulder injuries. I haven't noticed any discomfort during exercise except when doing triceps.

When I get up in the morning my delts are so tight from laying on them all night. It is getting uncomfortable and I'm not getting a good rest at night. Any suggestions??



Sleep on your back. Take ZMA.


Has it already been three months. Shit how time flys.


Stretching and ART.


You're having trouble sleeping because of that hooker you killed.


^ FUCKING Hahahahahahahahahah best one in awhile thanks SS.