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Having Trouble Including Crossfit Into an Overall Workout Program

Hello CT.

I was reading your recent recommendations on the Zombie Apocalypse workout and the Hardbody training for women workout. I really like these programs because they combine strength training with conditioning and improvements in work capacity.

While I have been trying some crossfit stuff lately, I find it really hard to program the workout routines you recommend along with crossfit routines. I think it is actually hard to program any routine along with crossfit–just because the crossfit wods are determined by the gym for that day–instead of by me or my coach. Also the wods seem to mess up the balance of intensity and volume.

So I was not sure if I should stick with the crossfit or just follow the conditioning routines laid out in the Zombie apocalypse or Hardbody training. I am not particularly married to crossfit by any mean. Instead I am more interested in just getting stronger and developing work capacity–since I tend to do a lot of hiking and backpacking.

Any suggestions on the best way to proceed?

Well one thing is for certain: you can’t do both. If you want to do serious Crossfit (not go do a WOD once a week) you cannot also follow a full, intense training plan on the side. By that I mean a training plan designed to be used by itself and that challenged your recovedry capacities.

So yeah, you will likely have to make a choice… trying to Frankenstein stuff very rarely work.

On the positive side the two workouts I posted will get you stronger and better conditioned. So even if you stop crossfit for 8-12 weeks you will be at a good place when you will resume your crossfit training.

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Okay great. This helps a lot. I was kinda leaning in this direction, but definitely nice to have your opinion based on your experience.

Hi Ct,
I’ve been watching the crossfit games and am getting inspired to try to add a bit more conditioning into my training.( that squat clean ladder looked awesome!!!)
How would you work conditioning into the training week while keeping the main emphasis on strength?

Congrats to you and Alex, once again he is going great guns!!!